Customer Success Engineer Interview Questions

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“During an interview I was asked if one robot was chasing another on a round playing field with a circular hole in the middle and you can fall into the hole or off the edge, what would the algorithm…”

“For a Customer Success Engineer, prepare yourself for difficult programming questions.”

“Writing an algorithm to solve size of objects given 4 points on a 2d Grid”

“The questions largely revolved around demonstrating a competency in being able to evaluate and respond to developers with questions or issues using the Trial Version of the Xamarin Mobile platform.”

“Straightforward questions. nothing unusual. They ask the same questions to everyone to attends the interview.”

“Given an array of Strings, determine if a string and anagram pair exists.”

“Almost no technical questions asked. Asked more about my experience and situation based questions.”

“What is the difference between an object and a class?”

“Tell me about the .NET framework.”

“previous experience and general questions related to the role.”

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