Customer Success Manager Interview Questions

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“How would you change our product?!”

“What did you like about Interact?”

“Questions that came up on around how to do certain things in the product.”

““what do you do today and how it is close to what we are looking for?””

“At the end of the case study, be sure to wrap up the conversation with the customer.”

“Why do you think you would be good for this position?”

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“Say you and nine co-workers are standing on a lake. You know the lake is completely frozen and is okay to stand on. You find a hole leading to the water underneath. In which order of your…”

“During the case study - the role of the customer is to push back on the customer success manager regarding data quality and spending money on a vendor to fix the problem.”

“What are the greatest challenges in getting customers to accept cloud computing?”

“Scenario play out regarding an account review with a client. Having to answer rebuttals for something that your not totally prepared with data to argue is kind of difficult and can be a double edged…”

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