Customer Success Manager Interview Questions

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“How would you change our product?!”

“What did you like about Interact?”

“Talk about a particularly challenging customer issue you had to deal with and describe how you handled it?”

“At the end of the case study, be sure to wrap up the conversation with the customer.”

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“Say you and nine co-workers are standing on a lake. You know the lake is completely frozen and is okay to stand on. You find a hole leading to the water underneath. In which order of your...”

“During the case study - the role of the customer is to push back on the customer success manager regarding data quality and spending money on a vendor to fix the problem.”

“No crazy questions or curveballs. Asked about my social media interests, what was important to me in a company environment, and why I applied.”

“The most unexpected question I got was "What Is Your Spirit Animal?"”

““what do you do today and how it is close to what we are looking for?””

“Why do you think you would be good for this position?”

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