Data Analysis Interview Questions

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“Provide an example of data anaysis.”

“What is your desired wage?”

“What would I say to CFO in 30 seconds? Hiring manager was seeking cookie-cutter response.”

“If you can change one thing at work, what will it be and why?”

“Nothing really difficult as long as you prepared and get to know What does Bloomberg do, what are the products/services and its competitors.”

“Case Interview 1: Shipping company valuation problem: Total Revenue 100 Mil FC 20Mil VC - Fuel 50Mil loading/Unloading 10Mil - 5 ships 20 trips 5000Tonnes each - what is the worth of the company? How…”

“Case Interview 2: Campaign analysis - Personalized credit card offer mailing - Cost to print new card is $1.10 50K people were emailed - 5% response rate - 0.03$ per email - 50/50 Test and control…”

“1. How to implement a table storing TBs of data?
2. Stack with get max method”

“Behavioral - Tell me about a time questions? - While the questions were easy and straight to the point - Two of my interviewers were not really interested in knowing me... They were there just to…”

“Suppose you are in a situation where deadlines and priorities change frequently and rapidly. How would you handle it?”

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