Data Collection Interview Questions

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“Why are you leaving your current employer?”

“Is it easy to learn all the rules and instructions for the job of Data Collection Tech?”

“What would you do if a customer asked you a question.? Not that it was a difficult question, just wasn't asked many.”

“Have you had prior retail experience and how in-depth is it?”

“Do you have any experience in this field? Describe your customer Service. Tell me about your relationships with your bosses. What interests you about this position/ and part time? Do you have any…”

“What team would you want to be a part of? (aka what project do you want to work on)”

“Sometimes job description is written so you don't believe you may be a suitable applicant. Company's line of work is very unique so they are willing to hire people with great work morale and train…”

“What skills can you bring to aid our recycling project?”

“I did not feel there were any difficult or unexpected questions.”

“All questions were pretty generic, nothing technical: Why do you want to work at KIPP? Tell us about a time when you had to make decisions based on data, etc.”

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