Data Engineer Interview Questions

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“create market basket output from sql.”

“Open ended questions and deliberately vague to draw out your questions.”

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“How do you educate yourself?”

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“Add up a sum of numbers on a whiteboard and give me the average.”

“write a program to swap() in java. He does not tell what the input or output is coz he ( the project manager ) does not know.”

“The questions were mostly technical, related to my experience with hardware, application, and services hosted by ADP.”

“The interviewer in the first phone screen for SQL was very professional. He explained the questions clearly and clearly defined what he was looking for. Multiple SQL questions were asked. The...”

“In a linked list how do you find the middle element in one pass?”

“You have two buckets, one 5 gal one 3 gal, you also have a endless fountain of water to fill your buckets with. You must deliver 4 gal of water. How do you do it?”

“How much experience do you have with Ruby on Rails?”

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