Data Engineer Interview Questions

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“You have two buckets, one 5 gal one 3 gal, you also have a endless fountain of water to fill your buckets with. You must deliver 4 gal of water. How do you do it?”

“Find the starting node of loop in the singly link list.

A-B-C-D-E-C... So c is the starting node”

“How much experience do you have with Ruby on Rails?”

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“What is a test plan”

“I want to design a database similar to imdb, design it, and tell me the structure/fields so that 1. given a specific year, you can find top 5 grossing films 2. given an actor, return all his costars…”

“There weren't any difficult questions. Folks were nice about the whole process, though the process lasted quite a while (over 4 weeks).”

“create market basket output from sql.”

“How would you build a predictive model for guessing the value of 10,000 different stocks, given their past values.”

“Design Facebook graph search with basic implementation. Create/ implement a chat server, searching a rotated sorted tree.”

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