Data Management Interview Questions

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“They expect you to directly write code on the computer without the whiteboard. Write a code to do regular expression matching.”

“How do you influence people without authority?”

“They ask you if you can do a ton of stuff that you will never do because they want to intimidate you a bit to see if you will cave:)”

“Can you share some of your previous work documents, e.g. Client presentations etc.?”

“all the questions can be answered in the format specified by the interviewer.”

“What would you bring to this position if hired.”

“Tell me about a situation where you forgot to do something. What was the task, what action did you take and what was the result?”

“Describe a situation at your last job where you were faced with a challenge, and how did you overcome it?”

“What is something that your previous boss did that you were sure was wrong and how you addressed that.”

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