Data Modeler Interview Questions

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“What Metadata Repository have you used at previous engagement ?”

“They ask me to draw a diagram on 3rd. NF based on a file with a certain format he provided on the board that included fields like "Physician name", "date of service", "Physician type" , etc. I...”

“They asked several detailed questions pertaining to data modeling.”

“They asked for specific examples from my background to fit the data modeling requirements.”

“After I presented a top down approach to designing a data warehouse, I was asked how I would design from the bottom up.”

Data Modeler at SAIC

Sep 18, 2013

“They asked specific questions about compartments, I refused to answer, they did not like that but knew they were on really thin ice.”

“What was the angle between the clock hands at 3:15.”

Data Modeler at TxDOT

Jun 4, 2014

“No difficult questions or unexpected questions. Only technical questions asked.”

“The questions were all straightforward and pertinent. A lot of the time was spent informing me about the role and the company.”

“There was a behavioral interview and some data modeling questions that they had me answer on a white board.”

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