Data Quality Analyst Interview Questions

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“"What salary would I like to be paid?" -- A question that I have trouble with on any interview. For, I didn't want to sound greedy and possibly not be selected because I was above what the company…”

“Geography question about a lake in China”

“There wasn't really any unexpected or hard questions.”

“Questions about ranking. Rank You should know about the Rank() keyword/Functions, Rownum(), Partition, Rank Over, etc. KNow the constraints (I chocked on that one, nice!)”

“All questions were fairly simple”

“Give me an example of a project you had to work on with others and they disagreed with your outlook. How did you influence them into understanding where you were coming from?”

“Why are you looking to leave your current position?”

“Technical question regarding SQL queries - I can't recall the details.”

“Honestly, I cannot remember. I remember discussing data quality assurance, working with clients, etc. That's the reason I believe I was made an offer, we were a good fit.”

“Where do you see yourself in this company in 5 years.”

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