Data structures Interview Questions

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“What is the efficiency of finding an element in an unsorted array of strings”

“Given a dictionary, with all possible anagrams of a word, how would you test it out and what is the Data Structure that you will use to construct it with Design of the same.”

“Blocking queue implementation. Coding was required.”

“Given two linked lists A and B, return a new linked list C, where C consists of all elements in A or B that are contained in only A or only B.”

“Given a binary tree, how would you write program for getting mirror image of tree in O(n) time? Is it possible ? Assume you have no constraints on space.”

“How would you implement an LRU Cache (LRU - Least Recently Used). What would your data structure look like. This was also a whiteboard problem.”

“You are to write a spell checker. Discuss the API, Data Structures and Algorithms.”

“Print the nodes of a complete binary tree in level order.”

“You're given a set of strings. You want to test if any two strings in the set are anagrams.”

“Design data structure to implement T9 dictionary”

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