Data structures Interview Questions

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Dec 1, 2011

“if there is a stream of numbers( billions of them) as input from some source what data structure and algorithm to be used for saving the 100 largest numbers?”

“2. Implement the following interface to implement a binary search tree in Java

public interface BinaryTree<T extends Comparable<? super T>>
    public void insert(T data…”

“What is a binary search tree and how to get an ordered array from the tree”

“Implement a Hashmap”

“reverse Linked List”

“Does Hash Table allow null values”

“Find the words used in some text and report by word length and how often each word appears.”

“Implement a sparse matrix Java class with a constructor, set and get method. The matrix has millions of rows and columns and is at a maximum 15% populated.”

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“Why do you want to work here?”

“How would you represent sparse matrix?”

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