Data structures Interview Questions

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“Design an LRU cache”

“What are the differences between a linked list and an array? What are the pros and cons? What kind of situations would you use each in? Can a stack be a queue? Can a queue be a stack?”

“reverse a linked list, in place”

“How do you avoid collisions when multiple keys map to same hash value.”

“HashMap implementation”

“Write a function that given a sequence and a number b between [-10,10] return a new sequence. Sequences are generated by this: a number b if...”

“main() { A() C() } A() { B() } B() {} C() {} input: t1 main enter t2 A enter t3 B enter t4 B exit t5 A exit t6 C enter t7 C exit t8 main exit output: main (t8-t...”

“Create an application/program that lists all words in the English language that can be created using a set of random characters. Characters cannot be reused, words must use all characters in the set.”

“Implement a stack that supports push, pop and mode(the one from statistics) operation. Gave an O(log n ) push and pop and O(1) mode operation.Another good question was implement atoi function. I...”

“I applied as entry level, and the interview questions are not hard. Non technical questions are asked like your background, why consulting, why this company, what is your ideal career path, and so...”

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