Database Administration Interview Questions

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“The questions I was asked during the technical screens were based on my experience and questions related to said experience.”

“Describe for me what PCP is in E-Business suite and tell me what processes spawn to allow this to function”

“Write code to calculate the nth fibonacci number.”

“I was asked to explain the VSS service in SQL Server (Volume Shadow Copy).”

“Show the tables and the query to show all the broccoli sold by store.”

“Write an efficient stored procedure to allocate unique integer ids.”

“Write the sql for deleting duplicate rows from a table without using temporary space.”

“What things can you do to very the quality of a database?”

“Explain the approach to make their E-business Stable”

“Assume a table, task, with the following columns: § task_id (int, Not NULL) § task_description (text, Not NULL) § parent_task_id (int, NULL) Write a stored procedure and program (in any...”

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