Database Administrator Interview Questions

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“How to restore e datafile with no backups?”

“What file in RAC contains the nidenames.”

“What is the word for null in vb?”

“An analyst at Oracle is conducting a satisfaction survey, sampling from a list of 10,000 new users. The list includes 2,500 French users, 2,500 German users, 2,500 Italian users, and 2,500 Portuguese...”

“Given your experience, do you expect to take on a lead / management position? because this is not a lead or management position.”

“You are making X dollars an hour as consultant, why are you coming to Costco for approximately 30% pay cut to get this job ?”

“What is your past experience?”

“Why didn't use Oracle 11g instead of 10g at your last job? Its been out for over a year.”

“What element of a job is most important to you?”

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