Database Engineer Interview Questions

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“What do you like best about yourself?”

“Which has the largest ears? A Ferringi, a Gungan, or a Wookie?”

“I wasn't asked a difficult question but I wasn't much prepared with set operation based queries. So I had tough time answering them.”

“How would you model html tag relationships in a database”

“explain deadlocks with a scenario? Also read basic oops concepts like polymorphism etc.”

“tell about RAID. Read every possible thing you find on wikipedia for RAID and stripping. Interviewer was quite sentimental and sensitive on this topic. :-p. so read it well.”

“Paraphrase: Since your perspective employees will have more knowledge in the given area than you will, how will you gain credibility with them?”

“reverse a linked list, in place”

“What are disadvantages of partitioning?”

“Describe how you have used various procedures belonging to DBMS_SQL package.”

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