Database Engineer Interview Questions

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“You mean you don't have any OLAP experience, at all???”

“2) Three SQL subqueries on a DB diagram about airports, passengers and flights.”

“No difficult questions. They read from a checklist.”

“What considerations need to be made before partitioning a table in SQL Server”

“Why did I choose certain index design for the tables in the test.”

“What are the ACID properties of an Oracle transaction?”

“Most all of the questions asked were not really relevent to day-to-day DBA/DBE operations. For example, one question asked was how the database model changed when a recovery was performed -- the…”

“Most unexpected question was when they asked "what kind of a relationship would you want with your manager" I answered it after some thought and then they asked me "okay well what would be another…”

“How would you find all prime numbers less than or equal to some number n?
Design a database for a set of airlines, airports, and passengers. (And a few subsequent questions relating to your design)”

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