Databases Interview Questions

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“Write a SQL command that returns users' order history and the total cost of each order including shipping. There are 3 tables: users table, orders table, order details table.”

“What is a clustered index”

“You have gained access to a Web server with a SQL backend. What SQL command could be used to gain access to the SQL database's underlying Operating System?”

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“If you have two SQL database tables that are not joined together, how would you create another table to join them.”

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“How to you pick up (almost) real-time changes from database tables?”

“I was asked about how to avoid data corruption in relational databases. (very broadly, not specifics)”

“What are some of the things you might consider when designing a database?”

“Why do I want to leave my current position. I must sound positive, but it's hard when you don't care for your boss.”

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Sep 8, 2010

“What databases have you worked with”

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“Don't let the interviewer answer the question for you. He will keep talking and will try to put words in your mouth / help you, or at least give you the feeling. You have to ensure that you are…”

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