Databases Interview Questions

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“Given a set of database nodes (one of them is a social security #), which one would be the primary key?”

“What are seven possible clauses within a SQL SELECT statement?”

“What would I do if an issue come to light with a co-worker?”

“Describe your experience with Java, programming in general, databases.”

“What do you feel is the number 1 objective of an outbound dialer?”

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“How well can you come up to speed working with Ruby and in a custom non-relational database environment?”

“No difficult questions. They read from a checklist.”

“What kind of experience do you have? What is your educational background?”

“In a general book shop setting, can you bring the necessary spectrum of knowledge:
(a) Will you be able to engage the interest of a toddler, an eight-year-old, a teen, and their parents? The…”

“What is you level of access database?”

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