Databases Interview Questions

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“Describe databases or something to that effect... they were looking for someone to expand upon tables and fields, basic database knowledge.”

“Design a database for a vendor (including products, purchase orders, etc.) and then write a query to select the names of all products that need to be shipped today. (I can't remember the exact…”

“Do you want to script pushing data around between different database systems?”

“Describe your mysql experience. Describe some sample queries.”

“Why doesn't eBay use EJBs, Hibernate, Spring, Transactions?”

“They asked me if I had ever used the university's proprietary database.”

“Database question. MySQL. Details of other project”

“Write an algorithm to find out the price for a keyword of an item based on the values present in the existing tables. He gave me 2 tables and some columns with item details. Keywords to search for…”

“What is your database experience, particually Access?”

“Given three tables (Users, Dogs and Cats), how would you add 'ownership' information to the dogs and cats?”

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