Databases Interview Questions

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“Describe your experience with databases.”

“Some obscure question about database stuff. It was a question about like a very specific shortcut you could use in some platform”

Cashier at Walmart

Apr 16, 2012
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“Describe a time you went above and beyond for a customer.”

Marketing at Davol

Mar 8, 2012

“What is your knowledge of financial forecasting and sensitivity models?”

“Do you have experience with writing SQL”

“One of the interviewers asked about database isolation and optimizing a process which will have a high level of concurrency. This was not difficult for me but was unexpected.”

“Describe your experience with databases?”

“Database queries based on an assumed system”

“If you have table a and table b and want to combine it with table c how would you do that in SQL? (He drew a picture on a whiteboard)”

“User center design, ER diagram, Join, Outer Join, Integrity constrains”

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