Delivery Manager Interview Questions

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“I can't remember any exceptional or terribly unusual questions that were asked of me.”

“I was asked about coaching my peers and establishing myself as a leader when I was new to a company. As an outside hire they expected that I may have challenges with the staff in the transition.”

“What are the project difficulties you faced in the past? How did you overcome it?”

“No technical or difficult questions”

“It's a STAR format - so it's really useless, you wind up making up and embleshing in the things you did - however, you can't show you were apart of a team.”

“How to you develop a custom software package from scratch. With minimal direction from clients.”

“How do you work with consultants in other parts of the world.”

“Question were pretty standard.”

“The questions are pretty direct and consistent”

“Why is the situation between you and the Vice President”

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