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“Should we roll out a new jewelry line? What information would you want to know? (Phone interview)”

“The manager of the store asked me if I liked to drink, what, and how much. Also asked me if I had a boyfriend.”

“The most difficult question asked was had I ever made a non productive stop, for every LP this is a difficult thing to talk about.”

“how do you attempt to sale when there are no customers in the sore?”

“questions on critical thinking and problem solving are asked to asses how you can handle multiple tasks and work load stress”

“I was asked if I had customer service experience and how my computer and phone skills ranked.”

“What would you do if someone brought back a defective product?”

Finance at Benetton

Feb 4, 2012

“why you applied to Benetton?”

“Rather than asking me to answer questions about my experience and knowledge, I was asked a lot of "what if" and "How would you..." questions. I had a hard time answering as some scenarios seemed so...”

“Are you willing to work 65 hours a week on a regular basis.”

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