Department Manager Interview Questions

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“What do you know about the company?”

“What is going on in Libya (asked by the Pres., ex-military)?”

“What are the pressures the feds are putting on for profit universities?”

“What would you do to grow the business. Not having training or working their previously I was a little taken back.”

“What are 10 things you saw during your tour of the plan that you disliked or would change?”

“Sometimes we have to work on the weekends how do you feel about working extra days?”

“How to handle an employee pushback on an attendance problem due to medical condition.”

“Why should we choose you?”

“Describe a situation in which you were given great customer service. What made that experience so memorable, and why has it stuck with you?”

“If I were offered the position, how would I handle leading a dept where some of the team members have been there a considerable amount of time (more than me) and wanted the manager job as well.”

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