Derivatives Analyst Interview Questions

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“Given a random variable X and its distribution P(X), and a function y(x), what can you tell me about the distribution P(y(x))?”

“There were no difficult questions regarding the complexities of derivatives, i think the most only real finance related question was when they asked me to explain what a margin call is.”

“1)What is a put option? 2) What is a call option? 3) What is a CDS? How does it work?”

“What does your closet/wardrobe look like?”

“What is the limit of ((a^x + b^x)/2)^(1/x) as x goes to 0?”

“Can you tell me the formula for sample variance? Is this formula biased, and if so, prove it!”

“Why would you want to work here?”

“Seriously, why would you want to work here?”

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