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“Why would people come if I try to hire them into Maxlinear.”

“For me, the most difficult question to answer was "Where do you see your career in the next 5/10 years?"”

“They asked a lot of hard questions, specifically about how to lead a design team and how to handle taking over an existing design. The most difficult they question they asked was also the most…”

“How I would fit into the organization, reporting structure, and advancement possibilities?”

“Talk to me about a project you were on that failed and why it failed.”

“They asked me to critique their Alumni magazine.”

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“Only question asked in our now 8 minute call was " How do you handle CONFLICT both inside the firm as well as with the clients? " THIS WAS THE OPENING QUESTION FROM A CREATIVE/ TECHNICAL FIRM? So…”

“Can you use your rare ability to draw and create art to make a gift portrait for the Vice president of the United State and his wife?”

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