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“Given two linked lists A and B, return a new linked list C, where C consists of all elements in A or B that are contained in only A or only B.”

“List all possible ways to minimize the power dissipation of an ASIC chip.”

“A puzzle. Create 4 equilateral triangles from 6 matchsticks of equal length”

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“1 is heavier than the other 5 marbles among 6 mables . given a weight to find the heavier one.”

“There are 8 bits inputs ,only use full adder to detect how many logic 1's”

“Questions that popped out as I can remember. 1) A cube (1-1-1m) of ice in a room (50C) sitting on a wooden table. the ice is 1m away from the walls around it's 4 sides, except for 1 side is 30cm...”

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“Take a point on a surface. How do you know you're contained inside a box?”

“Which is preferred NAND or NOR? And why?”

“how to generate a clock divide by 3”

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