Design Engineer Interview Questions

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“given a sorted list of integers, how would you find whether 2 integers exist that add up to a given sum?”

“is there any benefit to use cache if there is read miss for every access?”

“Discuss the benefits cascode devices have on PSRR performance.”

“Modify full precission adder to half precision.”

“Array of flops in a register file .. how to reduce power”

“Detail a major project you failed at.”

“Work out an algorithm for printing out the individual characters to show the decimal representation of an arbitrary integer.”

“Why would you want to leave your current position”

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“Design a clock divide-by-3 circuit with 50% duty cycle”

“Given memory with 2n+1 values with n elements appearing twice in different areas of the memory and 1 value appearing once. Design low delay circuit that finds this 1 value.”

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