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“there is a disk half painted white and the other half black. There are two sensors and the outputs of these sensors are the only signals available. How will you determine if the disk is rotating…”

“design AND from Mux”

“How is processor performance affected when the instruction cache hit latency increases? How do you overcome that?”

“there are 1000 wires in which any number of them can be swapped among themselves. How many bit patterns would you send at the input side to get the correct number of wires that are swapped?”

“I was asked a trick question about writing the equation for Energy. But even though I only got it partially right the manager was impressed.”

“A. Why are Manhole covers round
B. How do you get 4 gallons of water into one jug if you have one 3 gallong and one 5 gallons jug”

“One thing that you did differently in a project compared to every one else in class”

“How many skills can you practice at the same time? (designers, expected to multitask)”

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“"Design and sketch a machine you would build that would bend a quarter in half. Include drawings/solid models, and analysis of how you arrived at your design". This was given a few days before a…”

“You don't seem to have any finished projects in your portfolio?”

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