Desktop Support Interview Questions

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“What do you think of our work environment?”

“How did you handle an unexpected unpleasant incident in the past.”

“Basic Help Desk troubleshooting (what to do when your monitor goes out, when the router dies, etc.)”

“What does ipconfig do”

“Previous job experiences.”

“It was probably a questions pertaining to how I would handle a situation where it was a co-worker doing wrong and should I keep it to myself or notify my boss.”

“Nothing out of the ordinary.”

“The networking questions were tough, but fair. The manager who asked me VBScript questions expected me to know the minutiae of VBscript syntax when it is 1) a legacy language that's going out of…”

“Most of the questions were run in the mill technical questions. Explain DNS, difference between OST and PST but a lot of the questions were technical questions that are geared to understand how you…”

“If offered a position when would you be able to start?”

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