Desktop Support Technician Interview Questions

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“How to solve windows error the interviewer laptop was experiencing”

“What are some industry trends you are aware of when it comes to Technology”

“Would you be willing to take the position even know that there would not be a permanent position available after the contracted time.”

“How to handle multiple people, each with a high-priority problem.”

“How do you address a difficult situation/customer?”

“What salary are you expecting for this position?”

“According to your resume, you’ve been out of work since 2013, did you just decide to take a some time off?”

“one of the first question was: you've got a phone call from a client saying he can't print to the printer. second question was what would you do if you get stuck repairing the PC or the Laptop...”

“What would someone who is very close to you say your strenghts and weakneeses are?”

“Are you familiar with Windows 7 and Active Directory?”

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