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“Write a program that sees if two binary trees are equal.”

“What is the angle between the two arms of the clock at 2:40?”

“Write a program to find (x^y) % z”

“how would you design how a cellphone implements its contact list when you press a certain letter.

For example, If you press M it will tell you all the names starting with M. then if you press MI…”

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“Given an array of integers, all but one of which appears an even number of times, find the one integer which appears an odd number of times. Upon completion, asked to improve the algorithm in terms…”

“Possible anagrams of a string ...”

“Can you think of an example of a scenario where you would want to use a tree with more degrees of branching than a binary tree?”

“string compression: aaabbbbcc ->a3b4c2”

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“Suppose there is a rectangular map where you can only travel up or right to go from a start location in the bottom left corner to the top right corner, and each move is discrete. Write a program that…”

“I was asked two questions.
Q 1. You are given two version numbers of a software, like Version 10.3.4 and Version 10.3.41. Write a program to find out which of the version numbers are the latest. If…”

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