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“Suppose there is a rectangular map where you can only travel up or right to go from a start location in the bottom left corner to the top right corner, and each move is discrete. Write a program that…”

“I was asked two questions.
Q 1. You are given two version numbers of a software, like Version 10.3.4 and Version 10.3.41. Write a program to find out which of the version numbers are the latest. If…”

“Write an algorithm that does an in-order traversal of a tree recursively. Now, write the same algorithm iteratively.”

“Given a bag of nuts and a bag of bolts, each having a different size within a bag but exactly one match in the other bag, give a fast algorithm to find all matches.”

“One of the software engineers asked me the question about the colored chameleons bonking into each other question. Basically, there are 15 red, 17 green, and 19 blue chameleons on a desert island…”

“Find the max ;length palindrome in an input string.”

“Find the maximum subset sum in an array of numbers. Discuss complexity.”

“Given a string of Rs and Gs, design an algorithm to produce a string with Rs in the front and Gs after that. The number of flips from Rs to Gs or otherwise should be minimum. The number of Rs and Gs…”

“in an array of characters find the character that is repeated the most”

“Print the BST in level order”

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