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“Write a program that verifies that a binary tree is a binary search tree.”

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“Give me 5 different ways of finding the median (middle element) of a linked list. For the sake of simplicity, assume the list has odd number of ints. Also mention the runtime for each. Follow up...”

“Swap two variables without using a temp.”

“There is an array of numbers, containing the integers 1-n, how can you find the sum of the numbers in that array?”

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“Print a binary tree level by level in zigzag order”

“Calculate the square root of a number.”

“You have a building with 100 stories. You also have two glass balls. You can drop the glass balls as many times as you want before they break. How can you find the floor at which they start breaking...”

“Connect Four is a game where two players take turns dropping their color discs into a vertically suspended grid. The game ends when a player adds a disc to the playing grid that connects four discs...”

“Write a function to cause stackoverflow.”

“Write a function to convert First Name, Last Name to Last Name, First Name.”

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