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“They asked me about the Java Object - Oriented, Inheritance and Out-put the single value of the 2 dimension array”

“"Solve a maze", you have a 2D matrix with 1's as blocked and 0's as path. Find a path from one corner to another, backtracking should be allowed.”

“How would you implement a top 3 word count in a text editor application?”

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“Asked to implement a function that takes an integer and returns whether or not the number had an odd or even number of 1 bits.”

“Given a binary tree with the usual left and right pointers on each node, and additionally a parent pointer, make an algorithm to discover the closest ancestor to 2 nodes on the tree.”

“Write a program that sees if two binary trees are equal.”

“Why is a manhole cover round?”

“write an algorithm to divide two numbers using only loops and addition.”

“If you have 2 coins in your pocket (one is double-headed, and the other is a fair coin), you grab a random coin from your pocket and see that one face is a head. What is the probability that if you…”

“Whats is max possible edges in a graph with no cycles.”

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