Development Engineer Interview Questions

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“You are given an array with n positive integers where all values in the array are repeated except for one. Return the one that is not repeated.”

“How could you represent days and month using 2 6 sided dice”

“How would you implement a top 3 word count in a text editor application?”

“What are the first 2 integers that, when added together, equal 10 in a "very large" array of unsigned integers?”

“Implement a stack using two queues.”

“Pancakes, size varies, and are put in a stack with random order. You have one operation called Flip(int[] pancakes, int k) to flip all pancakes from the top one to kth pancake, write a sort(int…”

“To return the 'm' smallest numbers from a file of 'n' numbers”

“Asked to implement a function that takes an integer and returns whether or not the number had an odd or even number of 1 bits.”

“Given a binary tree with the usual left and right pointers on each node, and additionally a parent pointer, make an algorithm to discover the closest ancestor to 2 nodes on the tree.”

“Return the index of the first repeated character of a string.”

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