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“There is no unexpected question. Asked a lot of behavioral questions. Nothing Difficult. But it is kind of interesting about one of the interviewer’s attitude. I don’t know it is pressure test or...”

“The largest focus was on the ability to make decisions, the decision process, and ability to handle responsibility.”

“How do you keep up with information in your field (of information technology).”

“Swap two numbers while not using the temp variable.”

“You are finding defects in your raw materials/outsourced parts. What do you do?”

“You are managing a production line when half of your workers don't show up one day. What do you do?”

“What is your dream job?”

“After using information from the assessments I took online, they determined questions to ask like: are you more comfortable in a fast paced or slow paced environment?”

“A) How would you list in order of importance company, product, and yourself? B) What questions have you formulated as you have done your research on the company?”

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