Development Program Interview Questions

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“The recruiters tried to ask questions as if it was Google, e.g. why are potholes round?”

“Tell me about what you're studying.”

“Describe a time one of your team members was not pulling their weight and how you handled this.”

“When looking at a new product, what factors to consider in its feasibility?”

“"You have a key, a lock, a box and a diamond in Boston, and your parents have a different key, lock and a box in San Francisco. You are using a fast, cheap shady shipping service that will steal...”

“The most difficult point I experienced from the corporate management interview was, "Based on your caliper test, you are not suppose to be in sales". I really didn't know how to reply to that due to...”

“Have you ever thought about [ Insert a modification of your research question from your research presentation in the morning]? How would you go about solving it if you encountered such a problem”

“Tell me how you see the company performing in the next 5 years.”

“do you ever get nervous?”

“How have you changed a process or procedure?”

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