Development Specialist Interview Questions

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“The generic situation / reaction questions: if you were put in this type of sales situation, how would you react and/or change your sales approach.”

“There was nothing very difficult. They liked that I had experience and were sizing me up to see if I was a fit for the company.”

“Are you sure you have the right person?”

“The questions were typical, but the interview with the VP is the least predictable one. He doesn't ask a lot of specific questions, but rather does most of the talking.”

“What would you change about LinkedIn?”

“Very friendly environment. You are asked about the technical details and your contribution to your previous accomplished projects”

“Are you an optimist? (that was easy, yes) But the followup was: "Can you give us some examples?"”

“How do you handle multiple interruptions at work?”

“What type of birthday cake would you make for a client?”

“Describe your experience with the use of comparative rating software.”

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