Development Specialist Interview Questions

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“Run a 10min sales meeting with a potential client (pitch LinkedIn). You're given some brief context before the Batch Day interview via email, along with a few PPT's with more details regarding the…”

“What's your process for de-stressing while you're at work? What do you do when you're stressed at work?”

“What do you do when a supplier is your only resource for a product and wants to raise prices by 40%. Resourcing is not an option. You are being instructed to not take a price increase.”

“Tell me about what you do now.”

“I'm sorry, I'm not following very well. Tell me again about what you do now.”

“Tell me about your background.”

“The interview was almost completely behavioral questions. So, there wasn't one that really stuck out over the others. However, "Describe a time you failed at something..." can always be a tricky one.”

“A short questionnaire of scenarios was presented at the end of the interview to gauge how you would handle various situations with the clients.”

“What would you do if you were not offered this position?”

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