Dialysis RN Interview Questions

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“How do you handle difficult situations?”

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“What is the biggest mistake you've made in your professional life and how did you fix it?”

Dialysis RN at DaVita

Jun 14, 2010

“Why do you want to work for Davita??”

“How do you deal with a co-worker who is not pulling his weight?”

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“Will you be OK with part-time work?”

“What is your biggest weakness and your biggest strength? What do you bring to the job that would help me fill my "family" opening?”

“Describe a time you had to protect patient safety.”

“How have you handled a difficult situation in the past?”

“The questions were not difficult but very much expected in this line of work. I understand that they wanted the best person for the job.”

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“I was asked about an incident at my current job.”

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