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Support Engineer Interview Chapel Hill, NC

diff between RESTfula and SOAP webservices


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Webservices are used to expose the functions or reusable components from different applications (which are platform independent and language independent ) and consumers can consume these applications easily.
REST--representational state transfer
REST is easy to learn
REST doesn't have a protocol or specification

SOAP--Simple object access protocol
SOAP has a specification
It is mainly an xml based protocol.
WSDL is use to describe the data.
SOAP is more secure than REST
Even SOAP based webservices can be deployed in REST
Both protocols are used in the IT industry.
But mostly people are moving towards REST. as it operates on HTTP using put,get post,Delete

rams on Mar 15, 2013

Why is REST using put,get,post,delete not considered a protocol or specification?
Why is REST easy to learn?
Why would you want to deploy SOAP services in REST?

Anonymous on Sep 2, 2014

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