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Jan 17, 2012

Interview Question for Recruiter at PNC Financial Services Group:

“She was just asking me to go through my resume and wouldn't let me get more than 5 words in.”

Jan 11, 2012

Interview Question for IT Intern at BMW Manufacturing Corporation:

“What does a business owe you?”

Jan 7, 2012

Interview Question for Global Customer Support Representative at LinkedIn:

“You’re in a room with three light switches, each of which controls one of three light bulbs in the next room. Your task is to determine which switch controls which bulb. All lights are initially off…”

Dec 30, 2011

Interview Question for Staff Accountant at Commerce Casino:

“Why did you leave your last Position?”

Dec 29, 2011

Interview Question for Building Engineer at Hines Interests Limited Partnership:

“What are you looking for in terms of salary?”

Dec 29, 2011

Interview Question for Bids and Contracts Writer/Administrator at Toshiba America Business Solutions:

“Have you worked with a difficult employee or work situation in the past? How did you deal with the issues?”

Dec 14, 2011

Interview Question for IT at Mid-Columbia Medical Center:

“In what type of work scenarios do you thrive and what scenarios do you struggle?”

Dec 11, 2011

Interview Question for Senior Associate at Sapient:

“Tell me about your biggest failure in your current job.”

Dec 11, 2011

Interview Question for Senior Associate at Sapient:

“Tell me what you fear most about your current job.”

Dec 1, 2011

Interview Question for Customer Service at Insight Global:

“Are you ok with training in a classroom setting?”