Direct Care Staff Interview Questions

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“The questions were not noticeably difficult or unexpected; the interviewer was very personable and forthcoming about what the organization is seeking in its staff. A thoughtful question was " tell me…”

“"Do you have a child, and if so, do you have childcare for work hours?" was the only question I was asked.”

“(The classic) why would you like to work for us?”

“I believe one question was worded something like:

"What would you do if you saw your coworker doing something wrong?"”

“They asked about your personality”

“What would you do if a client ran out into traffic and stood in the middle of traffic?

I said... call 911 because I am not 100% sure he would let me approach him without him moving and getting…”

“The questions asked were pretty generic like: "why do you want to work for this company?" "Can you tell me about a time where you demonstrated leadership skills?"”

“None. I was supposed to have another interview but it never happened. I just started.”

“What were some of your greatest accomplishment and goals?
Why would you want to work for Meridian Services?
What makes you dependable?”

“There was only one question in the whole interview: "On a scale of 1 to 10, what level of patience do you have?"”

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