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“Note that we're generally supposed to eat the same or similar food as the individuals do, and DSPs cook meals in the programs . . . "If one of your coworkers made some chicken for dinner and it was…”

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“What would you do if you took a client out to eat and the waitress ignored the client, only asking you what your client would want to eat?”

“Tell me about yourself and how you overcame difficult situations in your current job.”

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“What can you bring to our company?”

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“Why did you choose this kind of work?”

“There were certain questions I was not prepared for and did not know how to answer. One of which being "Have you ever worked with someone who worked differently than you and how did you handle it…”

“allow front seat passenger.. I will NOT allow passengers in my front seat
dangerous experience with former client grabbing steering wheel in moving traffic screaming”

“Are you okay with [urine, feces, drool, blood, etc.] and being in close contact with communicable disease?”

“Why do you want the position of direct support professional?”

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“If a child is upset about the way another staff treated them and that other staff was in the wrong in your opinion, how do you react to the child? Do you talk to your coworker about it or go to the…”

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