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Director at SNF

Feb 27, 2014

“What makes you think you can do this job?”

“We all work overtime here.. will you have problems working late hours and not getting extra compensation for the extra hours?”

“Can you leave what you know as a clinician at the door we do not want want you to seem more knowledgeable than us.”

“Will I commit to make Eugene, OR my final residence during my working career? Am I willing to make this my last job until I retire?”

“Ask personal questions regarding my family.”

“The most unexpected question the VP of HR asked me was: " How are employees added or taken off the plans? I did not understand the question. What she was really was trying to find out was when do…”

“Will the company succeed? Why or why not?”

“What are the company's sustainable competitive advantages?”

“What would your obituary read?”

“I was asked different brain teasers and random statistical questions. Tell me about some non-normal distributions.”

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