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“I was asked how I would handle many situations and give detailed information. These are good questions but I think I could have did better at them had I had a chance to prepare for interview. I was...”

“The usual. Very inexperienced interviewers”

“Nothing that was out of the ordinary”

“Know there mission statement. Everything is focussed around that.”

“How would I decide the importance of an event if it was academic or athletic?”

“Using a language of your preference, parse a log file for a key phrase occurring withing a certain date range and redirect the output to a separate file.”

“Why do I think I could be a Maintenance Director?”

“You're a subject matter expert in wireless and business cases. What's the difference between total addressable market and total market.”

“what is your favorite ice cream?”

“The hardest thing for me being brought in to establish a new line was not understanding exactly how merit based and selfish the incentive system there was. I would have done things totally...”

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