Director Interview Questions

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“What would your obituary read?”

“I was asked different brain teasers and random statistical questions. Tell me about some non-normal distributions.”

“I was asked for my perspective on the regulatory environment.”

“What is your weakness. - I hate this question.”

“Based on our website and marketing materials, what's the first thing you'd do to make immediate improvements?”

“Describe an ethical issue that you encountered and how you handled it.”

“What does the company do?”

“Another exercise was to work with two other candidates for the job I was interviewing for and develop 1-3 press releases in an hour, using one computer, while two Next Jump employees watch, take…”

“Can you handle rude and bad tempered co-workers in the office?”

“After meeting with the 6 people, the last guy who is the boss of those people, 1st asked me to rank them in order of best to worst; i.e. how would I rank them as candidates for a position. What he…”

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