Director Interview Questions

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“What does the company do?”

“Another exercise was to work with two other candidates for the job I was interviewing for and develop 1-3 press releases in an hour, using one computer, while two Next Jump employees watch, take…”

“Can you handle rude and bad tempered co-workers in the office?”

“Analyze this Excel table of information and write a press release around it.”

“After meeting with the 6 people, the last guy who is the boss of those people, 1st asked me to rank them in order of best to worst; i.e. how would I rank them as candidates for a position. What he…”

“Tell me how you used logic to solve a problem”

“How are you going to be able to support us from where you are located?”

““Do you consider yourself a princess?"”

“What would you do to save a student who applied and is wanting to cancel?”

“How do you feel your last Director did as a leader?”

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