Director Interview Questions

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“Can you sit here?”

“I didn't find any question particularly difficult or unexpected. If forced to chose one it was when she asked how I would react to C-level executive/s shooting down a concept I developed for a...”

“My interview with the Senior Exec was the hardest because he seemed to be a very skilled interviewer. They kind where it does not seem like he asked you a question yet you seem to be saying...”

“The role play was contrived, it was confusing since the instructions were contradictory”

“The question about my experience level for the position was a little difficult for me to answer.”

“Why I had switched 5 jobs within 2 years.”

“There really aren't any questions that were unexpected that come to mind.”

“Describe a time when you made a difference in a patient.”

President at CareerPro

Jul 21, 2012

“Describe a situation in which you had to handle a difficult employment issue.”

“Give me an example of how you used project management to drive a successful Lean outcome.”

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