Director of Development Interview Questions

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“The usual. Very inexperienced interviewers”

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“The case interviews were consulting firm-type interview questions. The first was about evaluating a call center's effectiveness and profitability. The second was evaluating whether or not a certain...”

“How do I plan on communicating with students who speak little/broken English?”

“Why do you want yo work at Quintiles?”

“Being told time and time again that either my check had bounced or that I was not getting paid on time.”

“How many calls do I make a day?”

“There were no hardball or unexpected questions. I was asked about my most difficult sales cycle and negotiation and asked to describe the circumstances around the sale.”

“Typical role-playing sales drill in which the interviewer is a prospect and the interviewee is a sales person for PolyVista.”

“It was a case question on a cultural issue a firm was having.”

“You're a subject matter expert in wireless and business cases. What's the difference between total addressable market and total market.”

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