Director of Engineering Interview Questions

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“After meeting with everyone, if you were offered the position, what do you see as areas that require change - and how would you effect change?”

“Do you have any issues with international travel to Asia at the drop of a hat?”

“The most difficuly question I remember was how had i failed in some way and how or what I did to learn or benifit from it.”

“Tell me about situation when things did not work out?”

“How many people have you fired?”

“Describe the architecture of a system you have worked on”

“Although the majority of this interview is under NDA, if you can handle the questions in the career cup book then you are already over qualified for this interview.”

“There were some VERY detailed technical questions that suggested they valued technical acumen over leadership skills.”

“There was not a specific question. Nitro is very aware that everyone has to be on the same page coming in. Most of my time was spent talking about my leadership and management skills / philosophy.”

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