Director of Operations Interview Questions

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“Iinterview questions were mostly around the issues/problems they are facing having and would like the person coming into this position to solve.
- Hiring/retaining issues.
- infrastructure compute…”

“Depending on the role - you may be asked various problem solving questions. Such as: "Describe a time when you were a manager and employees lost motivation or drive. What did you do to gain their…”

“The CEO is known for asking off the wall questions to see how you will think. He will present a problem to be solved and ask you to solve it on the spot. This will vary for every candidate.”

“It was a very standard interview. The interviewer stuck to the very general questions.”

“What is your greatest strength in the position that you are applying for with the Hard Rock Casino?”

“I had no difficult questions, really no questions at all. Just an open and honest conversation about my past experience and discussion about the needs of the company.”

“Tell me what you have done in your last job to drive sales.”

“How would you address performance for an Executive Director that did not have any move ins for two months?”

“Familiy owned business that is sucessful but needs an injection of outside influence to grow the business.”

“Example of a situation where you were dealing with someone you didn't get along with and how did you overcome”

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