Director of Recruiting Interview Questions

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“If you are non-technical, the most difficult question will be to describe what Kinney Group does. Definitely do your homework ahead of time as missing that can be an automatic knock-out!”

“None. There should be no surprises.”

“Describe your recruiting techniques and interview skills?”

“Are you okay with us checking your social media content?”

“There were no difficult questions but rather asking on how I would put together a team.”

“Questions were primarily behavior and situational based so there really weren't any exceptionally difficult or unexpected questions.”

“Tell me about your management style? Tell me about managing in a union environment?”

“They go around the room so each person gets a chance to answer Tells us why you are qualified for this position? 2 minutes answer, and Why should we hire you? 1 minute answer.”

“If you were resource unconstrained and could be anywhere in the world right now besides here, where would you be?”

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